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Kluster - The New Magnets Game

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Kluster is an incredibly fun magnetic dexterity game, easy to carry, simple to play, accessible to players of all ages, and still full of strategy!

Players take turns getting rid of their magnets by placing them inside the circle of battle without letting the magnets connect, or 'Kluster'. Get rid of all your magnets first and you're the winner! Sounds easy, or is it!

This Kluster set includes 24 hematite stones, a lanyard to create a dynamic play space, and a convenient black cloth bag packaged in a beautiful box.

As seen on NCIS LA, winner of 2020 Toy of the Year (Jouet De L'Annee), and nominated for 2021 Les Palmes des jeux in Canada!


Box Contains:

  • 24 Magnets
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 1 Rulebook

Language:    English
Age:              14+
No Players:   1 - 4
Game Time:  10 mins