Exit: The Advent Calendar
Exit: The Advent Calendar

Exit: The Advent Calendar

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The Mystery of the Ice Cave

This Advent Calendar is an exit game and an adventure story in one:
Behind each door you will find a tiny 3d room containing an exciting
puzzle, the solution of which, day by day, brings you closer to rescue.
Only by solving all 24 riddles will you reveal the secret of the mysterious
ice cavern and find the exit.

Box Contains:

  • 1 Calendar with 24 Doors (including: 35 riddle cards, 9 strange items and secret additional material)
  • 1 Story Book
  • 1 Help Book with Rule Sheet
  • 3 Decoding Strips in the Help Book
  • 1 Decoding Table

Language:    English
Age:              10+
No Players:   1+
Game Time:  24 days