Red Cathedral

Red Cathedral

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Autumn is not the best time to climb up on a scaffold in Moscow, but it is still far better than doing so in the winter. Tsar Ivan wants to see results and our team will prove to him that we are the best builders in the city. We are sure to finish off those decorative arches with the brightest shining stones and ensure our place on the list of the government’s trusted workers.

The Red Cathedral is a strategic game in which the players take the roles of construction teams. Their job is to work together to put up St. Basil’s cathedral in Moscow, as ordered by Ivan the Terrible. However, only one of them will be able to gain the favour of the Tsar.

The game is a very accessible game with regard to its rules because it is very easy to understand the various levels of the game, but it remains very interesting with regard to strategy. It is sure to please those who are more interested in the challenge offered by trying to strategically optimize their position in each game rather than the complexity of the rules.

    Box Contains:

    • 4 Player Markers
    • 20 Lumber
    • 20 Brick
    • 20 Stone
    • 15 Gold
    • 10 Green Jewels
    • 10 Purple Jewels
    • 1 Market  Board
    • 4 Workshop Board
    • 8 Resource Tiles
    • 28 Workshop Tiles
    • 16 Ornamentions
    • 40 Coins
    • 66 Cards
    • 5 Dice
    • 1 English Rulebook

    Language:    English
    Age:              10+
    No Players:   1 - 4
    Game Time:  80 min