About Us

Established in 2015, SuperHeated Neurons is a multinational developer, publisher and distributor of board games in the Arab World with head offices in Dubai and Beirut. Led by a passionate and dedicated team, we specialize in creating valuable experiences through games that bring people together.

We have earned the trust of top publishers worldwide to bring localized Arabic/English games to the Arab world. Our portfolio contains games that are suitable for beginners, casual gamers, and more advanced hobbyists, and includes world-famous award-winning titles such as Catan, Azul, Carcassonne, Terraforming Mars, Deception, Codenames: The Lebanese version "Fhemt 3lek", Istanbul and Sheriff of Nottingham to name a few. We are the exclusive licensees of these games in the region, as well as the exclusive distributors of Kosmos games and Gigamic. We also create, publish and launch our very own games such as the blockbuster game "7zar Shou: Charades with a Twist", and the social deduction game "Machrou3 Ra2is - A Game of Corruption".

We are actively seeking to add new games to our tally and are committed to converting non-board-gamers to enthusiastic players.

Join us in uniting people and spreading the joys of social gaming!

SuperHeated Neurons,

Enriching your world with games