7zar Shou - حزار شو
7zar Shou - حزار شو
7zar Shou - حزار شو
7zar Shou - حزار شو

7zar Shou - حزار شو

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A game of Lebanese Charades with a twist!
7zar Shou, the base game, is perfect for your next gathering with family and friends. It is jam-packed with everything Lebanese, from expressions to famous songs, locations and food.
7zar Shou offers 2 modes of play; the Classic Charades mode or a more challenging “Mahdoumeh bass Malghoumeh” mode that includes the Perk & 7zar Kif cards that allow you to impose restrictions on opposing teams or add fun ways of acting like "Teshwish on". Teams compete to collect the most Trabish. The game also includes a special English translation for non-Lebanese friends to tag along!
Kif el 7ames? Ready? Yalla!

Box Contains:
  • 268 Charade Cards
  • 16 7zar kif Cards
  • 16 Perks Cards
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • Manuals (English and Arabic) with 2 Gameplays
Language:      Lebanese and English
Age:                8+
No Players:    2+
Game Time:   30 mins

Explainer:     https://bit.ly/2Q9PutM