Catan Cities & Knights - English Version

Catan Cities & Knights - English Version

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Catan is in Danger!

The island of Catan achieved a soaring success. Prosperous cities now aspire to become metropolises and refined resources are used to construct city halls, libraries and cathedrals. A competitive race for progress and power has begun! However, attracted by Catan’s famous wealth, ruthless barbarians sat sail towards the island’s shores. Luckily, the citizens were forewarned and have recruited knights to oppose the invasion.

This expansion to the base game allows players to compete against each other and also join forces against a common enemy, brining a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

Catan Base Game (English version) is required to play this expansion.

    Language:    English
    Age:              12+
    No Players:   3 - 4
    Game Time:  120 mins