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Stratego - 65th Anniversary Edition

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Honor the past, and celebrate the future!

This limited-run Anniversary Edition celebrates 65 years of heritage by adding an exciting twist. With the Spy promoted to Marshal, new female recruits now line up alongside the men so players can personalize their troops.

Play using the original rules or experience another never-seen-before game option; the Battle Cards! Plan a strategy or add the element of surprise as you swap positions, bridge the lake, or stride further across the board than ever before. On a sudden twist of a card, you could outrank opponents in battle by boosting your chances of a successful attack. But beware… your opponent may well have a counter-strategy and play a card of their own!

Along with its deluxe finish and heavier playing pieces featuring a fresh design, it's time to write a new page of Stratego history.

Box Contains:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Screen
  • 43 Blue Pawn Pieces
  • 43 Red Pawn Pieces
  • 15 Red Battle Cards
  • 15 Blue Battle Cards
  • Rulebooks (English and French)

Language:    English and French
Age:              8+
No Players:   2
Game Time:  45 mins